UNIV 101

Why UNIV 101?

One way you will connect with the Loyola community is through the First Year Seminar, UNIV 101. You will enroll in UNIV 101 in your first semester and earn one credit hour toward graduation upon its successful completion. Academic Advisors and staff from across campus teach the course, which is designed to ease your transition to a university setting and provide a solid foundation for success at LUC.

Sarah Billittier

Outcomes & Objectives

  1. Students will be able to employ respectful and effective communication in diverse contexts.
    1. Students will be able to explain how verbal and nonverbal communication can help facilitate or become a barrier to building community and personal success.
    2. Students will be able to identify how the expectations of appropriate communication change across contexts.
    3. Students will be able to determine expectations for appropriate communication in multiple formats, e.g. email, social media, platforms, and face-to-face.
  2. Students will be able to articulate the mission of a Jesuit education, define its social justice principles, and connect those principles to their own personal values.
    1. Students will be able to define the characteristics of a Jesuit education.
    2. Students will be able to articulate the value of critical reflection.
    3. Students will be able to define social justice as it pertains to global, local and Loyola communities.
    4. Students will be able to identify opportunities to promote social justice in their own lives.
  3. Students will know how and where to seek resources as well as how to develop a meaningful plan for academic success.
    1. Students will be able to identify sources of academic, personal, and professional support.
    2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of their academic requirements by completing a four year plan.
    3. Students will be able to utilize LOCUS for the purposes of registration and academic planning.
  4. Students will reflect on identity and privilege in global, local and Loyola communities
    1. Students will be able to define social identities and explore their own identities.
    2. Students will learn about privilege and oppression through the lens of a Chicago neighborhood.

Technology you will master in UNIV 101

One of the steepest learning curves for new college students involves keeping up with the various technology platforms. The most common websites you will use are:

  • Sakai: Find your class information, course announcements, syllabus, assignment details, and many other resources.
  • LOCUS: Loyola’s Online Connection to University Services is the place to view your assigned advisor(s), enroll in courses, see your academic requirements, check your billing statement, and request transcripts.
  • Outlook: Check for emails from your instructor.
  • You began the ePortfolio process at orientation and you will continue to build upon it throughout UNIV 101. You will also utilize ePortfolios in other courses during your time at Loyola. A variety of platforms are available to you. Many students utilize ePortfolios as they search for internship and job opportunities as a way to highlight their skills, knowledge, and values.

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