PHO-UMC14-0 Weekend of Excellence

Reminder: Due to The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students and their families should discuss how information about their academics is shared.

First and Second Year Advisor

Not only will you see your academic advisor in UNIV 101 throughout the fall, but you can meet with you advisor individually, as needed, in your first two years at Loyola. Your academic advisor will assist you in navigating important milestones of your first and second years. The preferred way to arrange an appointment is to contact the First and Second Year Advising Office directly. In the event that your schedule and your advisor’s availability for a meeting do not match, you are encouraged to stop by the First and Second Year Advising office in Sullivan 260 during walk-in hours so that the first available advisor can help you with quick questions or schedule changes. Read advising tips on how to make the most of your advising relationship. Learn more about our team of advisors here!

Faculty Advisor

A faculty advisor is Hailee Facultya professor from the department or school in which your major is housed, who is available to answer questions about the major’s curriculum, research and internship opportunities, post-graduation plans, and can provide mentorship throughout your years here. Some departments will automatically assign you a faculty advisor. Log into your student account in LOCUS and check your student center for you faculty advisor’s name. If you find that one is not listed for you, contact the department your major is in and request that one be assigned to you.

Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising

If you plan on applying to medical school or a health care-related graduate program, or law school after you complete your undergraduate degree, then you will want to visit with a pre-health or pre-law advisor. These advisors provide accurate and insightful information into the requirements and application process for various graduate and professional programs. They will also help students manage expectations for these vocational paths. For more information, visit  the Pre-HealthAdvising and the Pre-Law Advising websites.

Alexandria Shivers, 2016




How can you play an active role in your success and maximize the partnership between you and your advisor?


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