Tips on Advising

Take advantage of your time in UNIV 101. You have access to your advisor for fifty minutes during your weekly seminar. Don’t hesitate to ask questions in class. Chances are that if you are wondering about something, your peers are, too. By asking the question in class, you will not only get the answer you were looking for, but you will likely be helping at least one other person. Also, attendance in UNIV is important. Some of the questions you might have are likely scheduled to be covered in class.

Utilize your UNIV 101 Peer Advisor’s availability. Your Peer Advisor will have time each week to meet with students outside of class. Often, they will announce in class and where to meet. No appointment is necessary, just drop by and say, “Hello!” Your PA is eager to help you navigate your transition to Loyola, and a student’s perspective can be really helpful during your first year.

Know your academic advisor’s walk-in hours. Each academic advisor has set walk-in hours weekly to assist students who stop in First and Second Year Advising with brief questions. Walk-in hours are designed to be short conversations for students who have not scheduled an appointment. If you think your question will require more than 10 minutes to answer, you are encouraged to pre-schedule an appointment by calling 773.508.7714.

Write down a list of your advising questions and concerns. Often students will have a request a meeting with their advisor because they have specific questions, but when they arrive at their appointment they can’t remember all of things they wanted to go over. Writing down your thoughts and questions helps you ensure that you get the information you need and provides the chance to reflect on your academic goals.

Prepare for your appointment by navigating Most Loyola departments and offices have pages that can be found by searching the Loyola website, giving you immediate access to a lot of information, including a directory of faculty and staff, University and academic policies, and academic and co-curricular calendars.

Set realistic expectations. Your success is extremely important to your advisor and she or he will respond to your questions as soon as possible. First and Second Year Advisors typically work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. If you send an email after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or on a weekend or holiday, it will likely not be answered until the next business day. Demand for advising in the fall is usually high, but your question, concern or issue is important to your advisor. If you don’t receive a response from your advisor within a reasonable amount of time (generally 24 to 48 hours from the time your advisor received the email), don’t hesitate to send a follow up email, or stop by First and Second Year Advising in Sullivan 260 for a walk-in meeting.

Follow through with the referrals your advisor makes. It is not uncommon for students to leave their advising meeting with answers as well as action steps for you to move forward toward achieving your academic and personal goals. The Loyola community is made up of numerous resources designed to provide you with detailed and accurate information to your questions. If your advisor gives you the name of an individual or office, be sure to contact them.


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