Sustainability at LUC

Welcome to Loyola and congratulations for being interested in exploring sustainability. Hopefully this overview will provide you an idea of how to be involved in sustainability.  Sustainability isn’t a fad. It’s a new way of solving problems and creating a better future for all. Loyola is embracing sustainability through our campuses, curriculum and community. Students, staff and faculty take sustainability to heart and apply it to everything we do.

Office of Sustainability

Our goal at Loyola is to support students in making the University more sustainable. We partner, collaborate, guide and share resources to build a culture of sustainability. Use these resources to learn what Loyola is doing and our future opportunities to do more. You can use this MAP to find sustainability projects on campus.

First-Year Students = Build a Sustainable Community

LUC sustainability 4First-year students contribute significantly to campus sustainability as you come with new ideas! And your curiosity to find out about what is going on is the first step in getting involved. Students lead in many ways.

Year Two = Make Commitments to Live More Sustainably

There are lots of choices we each make that impact the university and our community. Find out how you can take action around sustainability at Loyola. We also provide a series of resources that you can use to make your activities at Loyola more sustainable.

Year Three = Engage Chicago and the World Through Sustainability

One of the most exciting aspects of being involved in sustainability at Loyola are all the opportunities to work with communities in addressing problems in new ways. From local efforts in Rogers Park and Edgewater to exploring environmental issues in China or Belize, you can start to put into practice the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in your studies. Find opportunities to get involved or explore the impact we have here at Loyola by using the campus as a laboratory for sustainability action through The Green Initiative Fund or one of our key initiatives.

Year Four = Create a Sustainable Future

Your learning gives you the tools to create a sustainable future for the world. By understanding global issues, we can make significant impact. By integrating our values and our expertise, you are ready to be future leaders.

Important Activities

Every year there are activities and programs to provide rewarding experiences outside of the classroom and invite students to become leaders.

  • WelcomeWeek – Find sustainability staff to learn more about how to get involved
  • Loyola Farmers Market – Every Monday afternoon summer through fall at the Loyola El Plaza
  • Think Green and Give – During move out week – Students donate unwanted and reusable items to those in need

Weekly Event Announcements

One of the easiest ways for students to get involved is by signing up for our weekly events announcement. Students will get a weekly email letting them know upcoming events and upcoming volunteer and internship opportunities.

To sign up for the newsletter, email


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