Residence Life

Now that you’ve made Loyola your academic future, we can’t wait for you to “Make Loyola Home.” The residence halls are a great place to start building community and making friends. Whether you’re a new first-year or a transfer student, we hope you are taking advantage of the resources available to you as an on-campus resident. Living in on-campus housing provides opportunities to make friends, find study buddies and attend programming designed to help residents learn something new or relax.

 Past Programs in the Residence Halls have included:

Yoga in San Francisco Hall | Alcohol Safety Awareness

Residence Hall Composting | Speed Friending

Staff members and student leaders from Residence Life are also here to assist you! Below are a few of the people looking to get to know you and help you have a great year:

RAs – Resident Assistants are fellow students wholive on your floor or in your building and are there to help build community.  They plan events, answer questions, help resolve roommate and hall conflicts provide a listening ear, and help keep the halls safe.

DRs – Desk Receptionists are students who staff the front desk of your residence hall. They greet residents, answer questions, help with lock-outs, and maintain safety for the hall.

ARDs – Assistant Resident Directors are graduate students in the Higher Education program in the School of Education who assist the Resident Directors in the oversight of your residential community.

RDs – Resident Directors are full-time professional staff members that supervise the RAs and oversee the programming, facilities, services and operations of a residential community.

RHA – Residence Hall Association is the student-run group that provides leadership for the residence halls and hall councils. They also provide programming, advocacy, community and leadership opportunities for residents.

Hall/Area Council is a group made up of an executive board and floor/building representatives from the residence halls. This group plans events and serves as a voice for residential concerns in their specific building or area.

Still looking for ways to get more involved in your residential community?

Department of Residence Life | (773) 508-3300 |

Not living in on-campus housing? Check out the Office of Off-Campus Student Life.


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