Four Year Plan & Degree Components

The Four Year Plan is used in conjunction with The Loyola Experience to support a sequential and developmental approach to your transformative undergraduate education. The Four Year Plan document is introduced in University 101, serving as the foundation to discussion topics such as becoming engaged in campus life, exploring majors and interests, and developing appropriate co-curricular plans (research, internships, semester abroad, etc.).

The process of creating a four-year plan allows you to develop a better understanding of requirements for majors, minors and the University’s Core curriculum, along with learning how to balance course loads and determine course sequencing and prerequisites. Your plan will be unique to you, based on program of study, placement tests, interests, and career aspirations. The plan is not a fixed contract, but rather changes as you explore and modify your personal and academic interests and goals.

When completing the four-year plan for UNIV 101, you should refer to the course syllabus, Sakai course page, and/or instructor directions for details specific to your assignment.

The Four Year Plan (Download Blank Excel Template or Download Blank PDF Template)

4 Year Plan Guide 1

The following departments offer four-year academic planning resources on their websites:

Art History | Biology | Biochemistry | Bioinformatics | Ceramics | Chemistry | Computer Science | Dance | Drawing & Painting | Education | Engineering Science | Health Systems Management | Nursing | Photography | Physics | Psychology | Quinlan Business Pre-requisites | Visual Communication | Women’s Studies & Gender Studies

Study Abroad pathways are available to guide program and courses selection for study abroad and your major!

Fast forward to your last semester at Loyola. What experiences do you hope to have had? What skills and knowledge do you want to walk away with?

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