How Information is Shared with Your Family is Different in College: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (F.E.R.P.A): The federal law that protects students’ academic records. The student (regardless of age or financial dependence on family) is the sole owner of any student information (grades, class schedule, financial aid, student account balance, conduct information, etc.). Therefore, nobody at the university can provide information about a student without his/her permission. Students can give or take away parents’/family members’ F.E.R.P.A access through LOCUS at any time. Expectations of how academic information will be communicated between the student and his/her family should be discussed prior to the start of the fall. *Just a tip: It is always best if a parent/family member hears how things are going from their student. For more information on F.E.R.P.A click here. 

Learn how to adjust parent and guest access in LOCUS through the technology roadmap.

Maroon_ReflectWhat will communication about your grades look like now that your parents/family don’t automatically have access to your grades and academic progress?


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