Faith, Justice, and Service

140609_Unity Gathering_025

The Loyola community is diverse in many ways, including the representation of students of various faith traditions or no faith, and spiritual practices. Across these differences, community members share in common the values of justice and service. Not only will you find many of your courses address issues of justice, but you will also find opportunities to grow in your awareness, knowledge, and skills as you become a person who seeks to make change in a way that is responsible, ethical, and just.

Service is one way Loyola students engage actively in their faith and/or work toward justice. Short-term, long-term, one-time, and regular opportunities exist to provide service to our neighbors in Rogers Park and Edgewater, the broader Chicago community, and beyond.


Community Service & Action

Campus Ministry


St. Ignatius, the namesake of Loyola University Chicago, said, “Teach us to give and not to count the cost.” What does this mean to you? Do you think this sentiment is relevant to full-time college students? If so, how?


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