Check list

checkboxConfirm that your AP, IB, CLEP and Transfer Credits have been received by Loyola.

Prior to the start of the fall semester, it is a good idea to confirm with your advisor that all scores and credits have been    received.

Why making sure your AP, IB, and CLEP and Transfer Credits are into Loyola is important:

  • Registration is based on hours earned. Receiving AP, IB, CLEP or transfer credits improve your class registration time for your future course registration. So even if you think you may not need them to graduate from Loyola, it is a good idea to send all exam results and credits to Loyola.
  • Your AP, IB, CLEP or transfer credits may be a pre-requisite to a course you want to take. If your AP is not into Loyola you won’t be able to enroll in the class, which could lead to delays that lead to a class closing before you can enroll in it.
  • AP, IB, CLEP and transfer credits are applied to your graduation requirements. As you craft your four year plan in UNIV, you will want to have confirmation of what requirements have already been completed.
  • Transfer credits will need to be articulated for Loyola credit, which may take time.
  • It is one less thing you will have on your “to-do” list during the fall – trust us you will have other things you will want to be spending your time doing!

Results for AP exams taken during senior year will be sent out in early July. Information on how to access your scores and their anticipated release date can be found on the College Board’s website.

checkbox  Complete your placement tests.

All placement tests (Math, Writing and Foreign Language) should have been completed prior to orientation. However, sometimes students are unable to meet this deadline. Students should complete all necessary assessments prior to the fall semester. (*Not all students are required to take the writing placement exam. Student who need to take it will be notified through through their new student portal.)

Why completing your placement tests prior to the start of fall is important:

Math Placement:

Students pursuing a major in the sciences, math or business; minors in math or sciences; or are planning to complete Pre-Health requirements (including pre-med, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy, etc.) are required to take the Math Placement exam. The results of a student’s math placement will affect their ability to register for necessary courses. It is very important to have this completed as soon as possible.

Even if a student is not planning on pursuing any of the academic areas above, students should complete the Math Placement Exam prior to the fall semester. This recommendation is made because often students will change majors after their first semester, and may find they need the results from their Math placement exam to enroll for a future semester. Having the results in will prevent any delays or confusion about which requirements a student can take.

For more information on the Math Placement Exam (including FAQs) please click here.

 Foreign Language Placement:

Students pursuing majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Communications, the Institute for Environmental Sustainability have to complete up to at least the 102-level of a foreign language. The results of a student’s foreign language placement will determine where s/he should start.

Students with any experience in a foreign language are not permitted to start at the 101-level.

The placement exam does not place a student out of the requirement. For example, if a student places into the 103-level of a language, s/he has not tested out of the requirement. It simply means that the student should start at the 103-level of the language. Once the student completed the course with a C- or above, the language requirement would be fulfilled.

To be waived from the foreign language requirement students should contact the Dean’s Office in which their major is housed.

For more information on the Foreign Language Exam (including FAQs) please click here.

Writing Placement:

Not all students are required to take the Writing Placement Exam. Students who are required to take it will be notified through their new student portal. This exam is scored by individuals, and therefore it may take more time for results to be received. Students who are required to take the Writing Placement Exam must enroll in the writing course they place into in the fall. Failure to take the exam in a timely fashion will result in the delay of a complete schedule.

For more information on the Writing Placement Exam (including FAQs) please click here.



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