Active Bystander

All first-year students will participate in Speak Up, Step In training this week in Damen Cinema.

Click here for the sign-up page

Be an active bystander! Here are three ways to do it.


Take a look at this PSA that shows you how to be an active bystander. Which of the three tactics do you see being used?

It’s On Us

We are all responsible for speaking up or stepping in in order to prevent sexual assault, sexual harassment or really any not so good thing from happening. It’s up to all of us to help ensure that our residence halls, clubs, sports teams, social gatherings, and our campuses, as a whole, are safe environments, free from gender-based violence.

The active bystander tips and tools described above, are great techniques for intervening in these types of situations – hopefully, before they rise to something happening or an actual event. Either way, being direct, distracting or delegating the action to someone else, can work. You should only take action if you feel safe doing so.

In the event that something has happened, there are some things you can do to support a friend.

  • Believe your friend.
  • Don’t blame your friend.
  • Let your friend control the next steps.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for outside help. Your friend may need medical attention or counseling. Offer to help your friend access supportive services. Regardless of how much time has passed since the assault, the survivor can receive counseling and referrals from the Wellness Center.

For more information – look here.



Have been in a situation when you stepped up and helped someone when they really needed it? What made you act?



Loyola University Chicago faculty, staff, and students take their role in fostering a healthy, safe, and respectful learning environment seriously. Acts of bias, harassment, abuse, discrimination, relationship violence, sexual violence (i.e. sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc.), gender harassment, and stalking are not tolerated at Loyola. If you or someone you care about has experienced any one of these crimes and/or violations of our Community Standards, please know that you have rights, reporting options, and other support services available to you.

For information about reporting visit: or

For confidential support in navigating your reporting options call: the Loyola Sexual Assault Advocacy Line at 773-494-3810

To report an incident visit:

Learn more about the support services available by visiting:

(Please know that even if you were drinking or under the influence, you will never face disciplinary action for reporting these crimes or seeking assistance for yourself or someone else.)

Our hope is never to have any of these types of incidents occur on our campus. The truth is we all play a role in creating a community that is safe and where it is unacceptable to harm one another. To this end, we encourage you to be an active bystander. Learn more about how to do your part by visiting:



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