Social Skills

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You probably have a lot of expectations about what college is supposed to be like, including what professors are like and the social scene. These expectations may have come from older family members, media, and friends. No matter your expectations, you will soon learn that nothing can fully prepare you for your first semester.

In the same way that you will refine and build study and job skills during your years at Loyola, you can also expect to develop your social skills as you navigate new situations.

Relationships with peers

Kajal_Second Home

Relationships with professors



Maroon_ReflectWhat values or interests are important for you to share in common with your friends at LUC?

Loyola University Chicago faculty, staff, and students take their role in fostering a healthy, safe, and respectful learning environment seriously. Acts of bias, harassment, abuse, discrimination, relationship violence, sexual violence (i.e. sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc.), gender harassment, and stalking are not tolerated at Loyola. If you or someone you care about has experienced any one of these crimes and/or violations of our Community Standards, please know that you have rights, reporting options, and other support services available to you.

For information about reporting visit: or

For confidential support in navigating your reporting options call: the Loyola Sexual Assault Advocacy Line at 773-494-3810

To report an incident visit:

Learn more about the support services available by visiting:

(Please know that even if you were drinking or under the influence, you will never face disciplinary action for reporting these crimes or seeking assistance for yourself or someone else.)

Our hope is never to have any of these types of incidents occur on our campus. The truth is we all play a role in creating a community that is safe and where it is unacceptable to harm one another. To this end, we encourage you to be an active bystander. Learn more about how to do your part by visiting:

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