Academic Plan

PHO-UMC14-63 Freshman Orientation



Planning out four years of classes is difficult without first knowing your major. Choosing a major does not have to be stressful.
Choosing a major





Be informed about the various components that will lead to your Loyola degree:
Graduation Requirements



Fallen behind a little or want to get ahead?

Summer courses at Loyola are a great way to catch up or boost your Loyola GPA. Loyola offers a variety of classes for many Core, College/School, major, and minor requirements. These classes are offered at the Lakeshore and Water Tower campuses as well as LUREC (Retreat and Ecology Campus), Cuneo Mansion & Gardens, and online. For more information on summer courses at Loyola, please follow the link to more information on Summer Sessions at Loyola.

Unable to take summer courses at Loyola?

Talk to your Academic Advisor and review our Summer Courses Elsewhere Policy.  Generally, if a course is offered at Loyola over the summer, you will not be approved to take the course at another institution, regardless of financial need or geographic location. Further, current students are not permitted to take Core classes outside of Loyola and some majors have additional restrictions. Therefore, if you wish to take classes in the summer at another college or university, you will need to work with your Academic Advisor to determine what options you may have from general electives, College/School, major, and minor classes. Please note, in order for the course to transfer back to Loyola, you will need to complete and submit the approval form prior to registering for the course.

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